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Eszter Szabo

Regional Corporate Communications
and PR, CEE at GE

What is the one most important message you take from a 6-day leadership training with Sparks Institute in Budapest?

For me, it is what our speaker Lital Marom shared with us at Sparks Institute's Digital Leadership Course. She was showing the current GDP per continent across the globe and how transformative technologies are disrupting these markets. As an honorary professor of Budapest Business School, I work closely with decision makers from the industrial sector (i.e., in GE 1996-2015), Americal Chambers of Commerce as well as members of the governments of Central Europe. Working with stakeholders my goal is to use my government and Fortune 50 experience to help strengthen the region's competitive positioning and innovation edge in the digital transformation era. Lital’s insight and ability to convey these some fascinating opportunities of exponential technologies and big data have been extremely inspirational and, motivating. Some of her slides will be useful for my work. @eszterforcee.

Zsuzsanna Illés

Simplification Leader
at GE Global Operation

I have participated in the executive leadership program of Spark Institute and Singularity University where Lital was leading a master class about transformative technologies, focusing on the power of exponential technologies and the platform revolution. It was a super inspiring class with great stories which has helped me become a more enterpreneurial thinker focusing on what drives real discuptive changes. Thank you Lital!

Nikovics Éva

Head of Strategic Directorate
at Allianz Hungária Zrt.

Last autumn I have participated in the executive leadership program that Lital was running together with other int. lecturers among others the Hungarian representatives of the Singularity University (Transformative Strategies - organized by Spark Institute, IBS ). After the great program we decided to invite Lital to lead a full day workshop on exponential technologies, big data and the platform revolution to Allianz executive team where we learned about inspirative stories from her and developed a lot of ideas together. After the program we received a lot of positive feedback - thank you, Lital!

Dr. Stefan Ross

General Manager at
Trocellen GmbH

Lital was a keynote speaker at the Singularity Leadership program that my company attended in Germany this year.

We learned how to utilize exponential technologies and incentivized innovation to accelerate our business objectives.

She has an uncanny ability to sort through all the hype and focus on the developments that are really going to make a difference. This was an interactive and collaborative experience, leaving the participants in the room with an understanding of what the future will look like and how to act on it immediately.

Dr. Gabor Pete

Head of IoT at Vodafone Hungary

Lital’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She 'gets it' better than most. Lital introduced us to the Platform Business Model, a fundamental technology driven business model that is the foundation for the new value creation in the digital economy. Lital’s work helped us discover new ways to explore new growth opportunities, leveraging the power of exponential technologies and network effect. Lital has an innate ability to be creative in detail whilst being mindful of the bigger picture. Her passion is contagious and her knowledge is very impressive.

Dea Frankó Csuba

CEO at Spark Institute

Lital is a top rated member of our faculty at Spark Institute Future Studies Leadership School, working in partnership with Singularity University. Her workshops are extremely inspiring and practical, equipping our participants with both insights and skills required to grow and scale their business. She brings fresh insights and hands on practices to the executive leadership teams attending our workshops, with corporate background from different industries and roles. She is an exceptional thinker and remarkable entrepreneur contributing to our global community in many ways. I truly appreciate working with Lital and value her purpose driven and enthusiastic approach greatly.